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Forano Terminal Unit



According to national and international standards, terminal units are the points that connect medical appliances to the gas supply system. The prize-winning FORANO terminal units can be flexibly integrated into every conceivable installation. Ease of handling guarantees smooth running in routine hospital practice. Our Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging System controls the safe use of anaesthetic gases. The Air-Motor system supplies the energy to drive your compressed air-operated tools.

The terminal unit FORANO has won three of the world's most prestigious design awards and has been nominated for the 2010 Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany.




The unit is used to withdraw compressed gases and vacuum from a central medical gas supply system in accordance with EN ISO 7396-1; integration of plugs and medical appliances with plug-in connections in line with British Standard BS 5682.

Structure and function

The terminal unit comprises a gas-specific basic block (rear part) and a connector mounting (front part) which are joined together. The front part can be adjusted (rotated). All movable parts are made of metal materials. The terminal unit thus in general has a very low-wear construction.

All three O-ring seals are combined in a maintenancefriendly way in an assembly – the cartridge – which can easily be replaced by removing the front part. The cartridge is marked with a LOT number so that the age of the sealing elements can be immediately identified. The plug in the connector mounting is kept either in the parking or the operating position.

Technical data

Type of construction: pearl gloss, nickel-plated all-metal construction with operating position; unlocking by means of the actuator; singlehanded operation when connec ting/disconnecting; manually lockable servicing valve. Types of installation: concealed and hollow wall installation, surface mounting, installation into bed-head units or into ceiling-mounted supply units.

Operating pressure:

400 kPa to 1000 kPa – compressed gases 0 kPa to 99 kPa (absolute pressure) – vacuum Labelling: Type of gas written out in German and English plus chemical symbol. Colour coding: In line with ISO 32.


Socket Unit Forano

  • High stability and load capacity due to sturdy brass flange (1)
  • Colour coding inside above the index (2)
  • Gas-specific: flange (1) to the rear part, actuator (3) to the bush (4), index (2)
  • Brass gas-conducting parts (1)



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