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Tube flowmeter


Medical, pressure-compensated tube flowmeter in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15002. Plug-in unit for direct coupling to a DIN outlet.

Chrome-plated all-metal housing with a fine control valve for continuous adjustment of the flow.
Measuring tubes with float to display the set value.

The outlet has a 9/16“ thread for direct connection to e.g. disposable humidifiers.


Björn Rehr
+49 (0)40 / 73 93 57 - 0

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  • Technical data
    Design:Control valve, connector insert, hand wheel: brass, chrome-plated.
    Measuring tube sleeve: polycarbonate.
    Measuring tubes: polysulfone.
    Medium:O2 + AIR (other gases on request)
    2 different lengths
    Standard: 69 mm
    Extended: 89 mm
    Primary pressure:450 kPa ± 50 kPa
    Outlet:9/16“-18 UNF thread, suitable for connecting humidifiers or disposable humidifiers (e.g. RESPIFLO from Kendall)
    Flowrates:0-15 l/min
    Dimensions/weight:30 x 180 x 110 mm (WxHxD) / 330g
  • Order numbers

    Tube flowmeter, O2, plug-in unit

    Flowmeter, O2, 0-15 l/min, plug-in unit, DIN900.753
    Flowmeter, O2, 0-15 l/min, extended, plug-in unit, DIN900.754

    Tube flowmeter, AIR, plug-in unit

    Flowmeter, AIR, 0-15 l/min, plug-in unit, DIN900.893
    Flowmeter, AIR, 0-15 l/min, extended, plug-in unit, DIN900.894

    Double flowmeter, plug-in unit

    Double flowmeter, O2, 0-15 l/min, plug-in unit, DIN900.745
    Double flowmeter, AIR, 0-15 l/min, plug-in unit, DIN900.748
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