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Combination Units

The units combine suction and insufflation functions

The Combination Units group of products consists of compact, mobile supply units which are used wherever there is no central supply of oxygen – for example during internal clinic transport and providing patients with emergency supplies.

The units, which are impressive on account of their compact design, combine suction and insufflation functions, thus ensuring pulmonary treatment of the patient at all times.

Portable emergency supply unit

The portable emergency supply unit is an O2 supply unit for stationary or mobile use. The unit can be attached to patient beds or equipment rails and be operated independently of any central gas or electricity supply.

KOMBI suction and insufflation unit

The KOMBI suction and insufflation unit is used for connecting to oxygen cylinders. It comprises an ejector control valve and a tube flow meter and it is particularly used as emergency supply.

The Präzilife mobile supply unit can be used both in oxygen therapy and with the Präzilife combination units as an emergency supply unit if the central gas supply fails.

We have another version in the range, a suction and insufflation unit for attaching to an equipment rail. This rail unit consists of an ejector control valve, a Kolibri compact flow meter and an optional connector outlet for operating another unit (e.g. emergency ventilator).


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