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Terminal Unit Forano DIN

Tools and accessories

For the Forano system we carry the following accessories:
(you can find the pictures in the picture gallery)

• Forano height adjustment
In the variant for concealed / hollow wall installation, the basic block is seated in a ring follower. After installation of the housing, the mounting tool can subsequently be used to adjust the mounting depth of the basic block.

• Forano leak test
For performing the leak test in line with DIN EN ISO 7396-1. The blind flange is screwed to the basic block and closes up the terminal unit. The test pressure can then be used to check the pipe system for leaks.

• Forano dismounting tool
Special tool used to remove the actuator without damaging the connector mounting.

• Forano mounting aid
Mounting aid used to place a maximum of 3 or 4 concealed FORANO units next to each other. The mounting aid can be expanded, as required, by being combined with additional mounting aids. The Forano units can be quickly, easily and accurately aligned with each other using this tool. Spacing from Forano centre to Forano centre: 100 mm and 150 mm

Sticker to paste over the connector mounting when shutting off the terminal unit or sections of the mains supply.

• Forano child safety lock
To secure the FORANO gas terminal units against unauthorised use or for temporary shut-down of a terminal unit, we developed a “child safety lock”. This is intended to prevent inadvertent or unauthorized use of the terminal unit.

• Forano spanner for child safety lock
The child safety lock can be removed from the terminal unit using the key.

• Forano diaphragm ring
The diaphragm ring made of POM is clicked into a 44 mm hole. It is delivered as standard with the Forano wave screen. However, the diaphragm ring can also be obtained as a separate component (e.g. for installation into media supply units).

• Forano Allen key
Allen key SW 3 with an additional, removable plastic sleeve. This sleeve guides the key in the front part of the terminal unit, virtually ruling out any “tilting” of the closing cone.

• Forano spanner for sealing cone retaining screw


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Export customers:

  • Order numbers
    Mounting tool for concealed / hollow wall installation – height adjustment903.300
    Blind flange, brass, for Forano pressure test903.301
    Forano actuator dismounting tool903.302
    Forano mounting aid903.303
    Forano mounting aid add-on for AGSS + Air-Motor903.306
    Out of order" sticker for Forano DIN903.309
    Forano spanner for child safety lock O2, AIR903.380
    Forano child safety lock VAC, N2O, CO2903.381
    Forano spanner for child safety lockano903.308
    Forano diaphragm ring802.342
    Forano closing cone Allen key903.305
    Forano spanner for sealing cone retaining screw903.304
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