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Medical Suction Units

the entire range of applications for medical suction units

The Suction group of products covers the entire range of applications for medical suction units: bronchial suction, units for withdrawing blood, irrigation liquids and wound secretions during operations, as well as devices for the continuous discharge of wound secretions in vacuum dressing technique or for thoracic drains.

Our products are operated by vacuum or compressed air. In the emergency supply sector they can also be operated with oxygen.

The vacuum control valves for vacuum operation cover a wide range, from the high-vacuum control valve in the range between 0 and -90 kPa to the low-low vacuum control valve for the range below -10 kPa. Naturally our vacuum control valves are available both as rail units and as plug units.

All these devices are also available as plug units and rail versions for compressed air operation.

The water vacuum control valve and the Thora Flow 2000 cover the field of thoracic drains.

The compact suction unit for withdrawing secretion is available for vacuum or compressed air operation. The practical compact unit consists of a vacuum control valve and an overflow bottle.

For larger volumes the portable Varioport suction unit is designed for attaching on equipment rails. The unit has two 1.25 l multiple-use collecting vessels.

The mobile suction unit holds secretion bottles with a capacity of up to five litres and is used for suction during surgery.


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