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• DIN to Nist
For adapting the inlets of medical equipment from DIN 13252 to NIST.

• Connectors, MEDAP-C to DIN Quick Coupling
This adapter makes it possible to connect a DIN unit without conversion to a
Medap C outlet.

Consisting of:
Medap C plug-in front section plus a DIN plug-in coupling


Björn Rehr
+49 (0)40 / 73 93 57 - 0

Export customers:

  • Technical Data - Adapter DIN to NIST
    Design:Adapter incl. 1 x copper gasket.
    The adapter is secured to the DIN inlet with an Allen key.
    Inlet:NIST – gas-specific in accordance with DIN EN 18082
    Outlet:DIN screw connection in accordance with DIN 13252
  • Order numbers

    Adapter DIN to NIST

    Adapter DIN to NIST, O2 904.020
    Adapter DIN to NIST, AIR 904.021
    Adapter NIST to DIN, N2O904.022
    Adapter NIST to DIN, VAC904.023
    Adapter NIST to DIN, AIR/O2904.026
    Adapter NIST to DIN, CO2904.025


    Adapter: Medap C plug-in connector to DIN Quick coupling adapters outlet

    O2 adapter: Medap C connector to DIN quick coupling902.020
    AIR adapter: Medap C connector to DIN quick coupling902.021
    VAC adapter: Medap C connector to DIN quick coupling902.022
    N2O adapter: Medap C connector to DIN quick coupling902.023


    AGA,BS, NF and UNI standards are also available.

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