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Hawk portable emergency treatment unit

Portable stainless steel frame

Portable stainless steel frame, pressure regulator (Präzicon III) with high-pressure hand connector in accordance with DIN 477-1, preset with volume manometer and safety valve, tube flowmeter with fine-dosing valve to regulate the flow, ejector with vacuum gauge and fine-dosing valve. Includes a 1.5 m hose with angle plug.

Optionally with 2- or 3-litre oxygen bottle (empty).


Kim van Eijsden
+49 (0)40 / 73 93 57 - 44

  • Technical Data

    Carrying frame

    Carrying frame: Stainless steel with carrying handle
    For standing up or hanging
    on a standard wall-mounted rail (25x10mm) or beds
    Weight: ca. 8.7 kg (with 2-litre bottle)
    Dimensions (WxHxD): ca. 330 x 520 x 120 mm
    Compatible oxygen bottles: max. diameter = 100 mm


    Pressure regulator

    Design: Spring-loaded membrane pressure regulator
    in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10524-1
    Brass, chrome-plated
    Medium: O2 - oxygen
    Inlet: Gas-specific hand connector in accordance with DIN 477-1
    Primary pressure: max. 20.000 kPa (P1)
    Manometer: 0-31,500 kPa display
    Outlet: Quick coupling in accordance with DIN 13260-2
    Outlet pressure: 450 kPa ± 50 kPa (P2)
    Flowrate: max. 80 l/min



    Design: Tube flowmeter in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15002
    Pressure-compensated, incl. fine-control valve
    Material: Brass, chrome-plated
    Flowrate: 0 – 15 l/min
    Accuracy: ± 10 % of full scale


    Ejector for vacuum generation

    Design: Vacuum generation using the ejector principle,
    in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10079-3
    Incl. fine-dosing valve
    Material: Brass, chrome-plated
    Performance parameters: Adjustable between 0 and -90 kPa
    Suction flowrate: min. 20 l/min at -90 kPa
    Consumption: max. 30 l/min at -90 kPa
  • treatment unit

    Hawk portable emergency treatment unit

    Hawk portable emergency treatment unit, suction
    and insufflation unit, NIST, without O2 bottle


    Accessories for portable treatment unit

    O2 bottle, 2 l, empty 100.195
    O2 bottle, 3 l, empty 101.195
    Drainage bottle, AIR, 0.25 l 900.911
    Humidifier unit for sterile water, 0.25 l 904.836
    Hose connector for Flowmeter, 9/16"
    with barbed hose nozzle
    Hose connector for vacuum regulator 900.628