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MediControl switchover system

For the handling of medical gases

Care and caution are advised when handling compressed medical gases (oxygen. nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide).

Specialists and reliable hardware are necessary for a gas supply system that serves for distribution in medical facilities.

The Greggersen switchover systems cover a wide spectrum of capacities (10 m³ /h to 200 m³/h) and also ensure a high degree of operational safety and reliability.


Special features of the Greggersen CEGA Systems:

  • Every gas supply source is protected with his own pressure reducing valve.
  • In the event of a power failure, all valves open by means of an intelligent pressure control system that switches one source after the other.
  • Pressure sensors and innovative control and display electronics ensure an optimal level of monitoring, information and control
  • System 10 / 25 m³/h entirely pneumatic, 25 / 50 / 100 m³/h electronic and special solutions
  • We have already successfully installed systems with up to 200 m³/h throughput and control of two physically separated cylinder batteries.


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