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Terminal Unit Forano DIN

Wall supply unit

Duct for surface mounting, fully fitted with various terminal units in line with DIN EN ISO 9170-1, Air-Motor and/ or Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging System (AGSS in line with DIN EN ISO 9170–2 with integrated ejector, Air-Motor in line with DIN EN ISO 9170-1) in the aluminium duct.

The length of the duct can be customised to suit requirements. The terminal units are already installed with piping laid. The feed pipe can come from the left, right, above, below or behind.


Björn Rehr
+49 (0)40 / 73 93 57 - 0

Export customers:

  • Technical Data
    Inlet:8x1 mm (1 terminal unit per gas)
    12x1 mm (2-3 terminal units per gas)
    Outlet:Forano terminal unit for integration of plugs
    and medical appliances with plug-in connections
    in line with DIN 13260-2.
    Colour coding:Neutral or in line with DIN EN ISO 5359
  • Order numbers
    Wall duct Forano, 2 outlets903.400
    Wall duct Forano, 3 outlets903.401
    Wall duct Forano, 4 outlets903.402
    Wall duct Forano, 5 outlets903.403
    Wall duct Forano, each additional outlet903.404
    Wall duct Forano, add-on 1 x AGSS903.405
    Wall duct Forano, add-on 1 x air-motor903.406
    Wall supply unit, meterage902.040


    Please indicate gas type for each outlet!

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