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Medication nebulisers


For use in insufflation or inhalation.

Humidifier bubble jet for the moistening of e.g. oxygen, compressed air or nebuliser unit for the nebulisation (aerosol treatment) of sterile water or medications.


Björn Rehr
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  • Technical data
    Design:Chrome-plated all-metal design.
    Suitable for connection to a flowmeter.
    Material:Head: brass, chrome-plated
    Bottle: Apec®
    Medium:Sterile water
    Inlet:9/16-18 UNF
    Capacity: 250 ml total volume
    Outlet:6 mm flow nozzle (humidifier) or
    22 mm ventilation hose connector (nebuliser)
    Dimensions (WxHxD) /Weight:90x190x55 mm / 320 g (humidifier)
    90x190x55 mm / 370 g (nebuliser)
  • Order numbers

    Humidifier / Nebuliser

    Humidifier unit, complete904.836
    Nebuliser unit, complete904.837
    Bottle, 250 ml, imprinted900.922

    Flowmeter spare parts

    Hose connector for flowmeter with 9/16" union nut900.619
    Measuring tube, 0-15 l/min incl. float900.491
    Measuring tube sleeve900.493
    Tube Flowmeter repair kit900.430
    Kolibri flowmeter repair kit900.431
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