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Ventus Basic


The Ventus shut-off valve system facilitates the targeted exclusion of individual wards or functional areas from the central gas supply system. The integrated electronics continuously monitor the pressure in the piping and visually and acoustically trigger the clinical emergency alarm. Additionally, the Ventus system has an intake point that is specific for the type of gas and is protected against unauthorized opening by means of an electronically monitored door with emergency access. Installation is suitable for flush mounting, assembly in dry walls or surface mounting.

Basic version
Door made of sheet steel, powder-coated (RAL 9016), opening > 90° via a lateral hinge.


Björn Rehr
+49 (0)40 / 73 93 57 - 0

Export customers:

  • Technical Data
    Dimensions of flush mount frame 1-3 valves:W 370 x H 450 x D 72 mm
    Dimensions of flush mount frame 4-6 valves:W 655 x H 450 x D 72 mm
    Dimensions front 1-3 valves:W 400 x H 480 mm
    Dimensions front 4-6 valves:W 685 x H 480 mm
    Connection:15 mm CU connection pipe
    Nominal pressure of compressed gases:max. 1000 kPa
    Nominal pressure vacuum:max. -100 kPa
    Manometer:50 mm aD; Scale: 0...16 bar /Vacuum 0...-1 bar
    Pressure transmitter:4 – 20 mA / +24 V
    Primary voltage:230 V 50 Hz AC (integrated mains power supply)
    Secondary voltage:12 V AC
    Voltage supply:12 - 24V AC / 50Hz
    Power consumption:6 W
    Protection rating:IP 41
    Acoustic signal generator:60 dB at 1m distance
    Suppression:12 minutes
    Inputs:max. 6 media monitored
    Outputs:max. 6 items potential-free
    Sensors:Vacuum /compressed gas: -100 to +600 kPa
    Compressed gas: 0 to 1600 kPa
    Supply voltage: 10-30 V DC Signal: 4-20 mA
    Display:Operation LED green, fault LED red (2x)

    VENTUS BASIC - Front components

    Ventus basic, 1 valve, only front 900.806
    Ventus basic, 2 valve, only front 900.807
    Ventus basic, 3 valve, only front 900.808
    Ventus basic, 4 valve, only front 900.809
    Ventus basic, 5 valve, only front 900.810
    Ventus basic, 6 valve, only front 900.811


    VENTUS BASIC - Back components

    Ventus 1 valve, only back component, for flush mounting900.800
    Ventus 2 valve, only back component, for flush mounting900.801
    Ventus 3 valve, only back component, for flush mounting900.802
    Ventus 4 valve, only back component, for flush mounting900.803
    Ventus 5 valve, only back component, for flush mounting900.804
    Ventus 6 valve, only back component, for flush mounting900.805

    When ordering, always specify the desired types of gas! e.g., 3 valve, O2 / AIR / VAC

    Ventus surface frame 1 to 3 900.831
    Ventus surface frame 4 to 6 900.832


    • High level of safety due to redundant microprocessors (if one processor fails, the second processor will assume all functions)
    • Clinical operational alarm: Visual (red and green LEDs) and an acoustic signal in the presence of rising or failing pressure (according to DIN EN: ISO 7396-1)
    • Reset key for alarm suppression or confirmation (time-dependent alarm repetition every 12 min); test key or a functional test
    • The board contains an integrated connection to the central instrumentation and control systems, i.e. possibility of transmitting the alarm via potential-free relay contacts
    • Possibility of retrofitting additional electronics or connection to a network system
    • RS485 interface for maintenance / service on the electronics
    • Display panel for the media designation



    For each type of gas, the shut-off unit consists of the following components:

    • Zone shut-off valve and manometer
    • Physical separation of the pipe system
    • Emergency intake option via NIST coupling
    • Pressure sensor
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