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Forano Terminal Unit

According to DIN EN ISO 9170-1

The unit is used to withdraw compressed gases and vacuum from a central medical gas supply system in line with DIN EN ISO 7396-1; Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging System in line with DIN EN ISO 7396-2; integration of plugs and medical appliances with plugin connections in line with DIN 13260-2.

The terminal unit comprises a gas-specific basic block (rear part) and a connector mounting (front part) which are joined together. The front part can be adjusted (rotated). All movable parts are made of metal materials. The terminal unit thus in general has a very low-wear construction.


Björn Rehr
+49 (0)40 / 73 93 57 - 0

Export customers:

    Design:pearl gloss, chrome-plated all-metal
    construction with parking and operating position;
    unlocking by means of the actuator; single-handed
    operation when connecting/disconnecting; manually
    lockable servicing valve.
    Types of installation:concealed and hollow wall
    installation, surface mounting, installation into bedhead
    units or into ceiling-mounted supply units.
    Operating pressure:400 kPa bis 500 kPa (overpressure) – compressed gases 700 kPa bis 1000 kPa (overpressure) – Airmotor
    < 60 kPa (absolute pressure) – Vacuum
    Labelling:Unique marking: gas-type labelling – print labelling: chemical symbol + English + CE
    Colour coding:neutral or in line with DIN EN ISO 5359.
  • TEST KIT FOR TERMINAL/Order number


    Consisting of:

      • Test block with flow pipe for compressed gases
      • Test block with flow pipe for vacuum/ NGA/AGSS
      • Air motor test device
      • Leak tightness measurement device
      • Particle test device
      • Filter box
      • Gas-specific plug connector in accordance with DIN 13260:
      • Connector for oxygen (O2)
      • Connector for compressed air (AIR)
      • Connector for vacuum (VAC)
      • Connector for carbon dioxide (CO2)
      • Connector for nitrous oxide (N2O)
      • AGSS testing device with panel for 50 L/min
      • AGSS testing device with panel for 25 L/min
      • AGSS connection test kit according to DIN EN ISO 7396-2
      • Testing device kit with insert

      Optional accessories:
      - O2 meter for testing gas type
      - Pressure gauge for leakage testing of the pipe line


      Test Kitaccordance with DIN EN ISO 7396-1/2  902.114


    • Sticker

      STICKER “Out of order!”

      When shutting off a terminal unit or entire sections of the mains supply, the corresponding terminal units must be clearly marked. For this purpose, we offer you a sticker especially for the terminal unit Forano to paste over the connector mounting.

    Three O-ring seals

    All three O-ring seals are combined in a maintenancefriendly way in an assembly – the cartridge – which can easily be replaced by removing the front part. The cartridge is marked with a LOT number so that the age of the sealing elements can be immediately identified. The plug in the connector mounting is kept either in the parking or the operating position.


    Intelligent, simple, sacure
    The Forano terminal unit is the only medical gas outlet on the market with an intelligent closing system offering three closing functions:

    1. It seals the terminal unit when the plug connector is disconnected.
    2. The front part of the terminal unit can be dismantled without interrupting the gas supply and the wear parts can be replaced.
    3. The terminal unit can be shut off using a special key without dismantling the front part. The front part is then sealed with a warning sticker (art. no. 903.309) (see p. 5).

    Thus each terminal unit can be shut off individually, eliminating the need to shut off individual areas or entire wards of the hospital if servicing or repairs need to be performed.

    Forano terminal unit in non-shutoff mode.
    The special tool with a centering aid to shut off the terminal unit is already inserted.

    After approx. 3-4 rotations, the rear part of the terminal unit is sealed gas-tight.
    Maintenance work, for example the replacement of the sealing cartridge or replacement of the entire front part, can be easily performed under operating pressure.

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