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Greggersen Pressure reducer

and their uses

Reliable pressure reduction and easy operation of medical equipment are particularly important for patient ventilation.

For this reason GREGGERSEN has developed medical equipment specially for this field of application which is easy to handle and has a long service life.

Our product portfolio comprises cylinder pressure reducing valves for medical and laboratory applications as well as devices for regulating pressure and flow from a piping system.


The FALKE series of pressure reducing valves combines user-friendliness and compactness with unique design. They are compact pressure reducing valves with a multi-range flow meter, with which flow can be adjusted in 10 increments. They are used for oxygen therapy in the clinical and home-care sector as well as for operating medical apparatus.


PRÄZICON pressure reducing valves are used for supplying non-aggressive gases at constant pressure for applications in the medical and laboratory sectors.


The PRÄZIVAL is an infinitely adjustable pressure reducing valve, available as a medical device for oxygen therapy or as a laboratory version for the supply of gases at various pressures.
Also available as a complete oxygen insufflation or inhalation unit.

Gas Control and Limiting Valve

Our gas control valves and pressure limiting valves can be integrated into medical terminal units.


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