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100 years of Greggersen

Our company history

One hundred years have now passed since Hans Greggersen laid the foundation stone for our history when he ventured into self-employment in Hamburg in 1924.

Today, in 2024, our company is celebrating its impressive anniversary, reflecting a century of innovation, commitment and outstanding achievements.

From humble beginnings in a small workshop to a global presence, our family business has always pushed the boundaries of what is possible. Through tradition and innovation, sweat and passion, we have not only demonstrated consistency, but also embraced the dynamics of change and continued to evolve.

We are proud of the roots from which we have grown and are ready to continue living Hans Greggersen's vision by forging our way into the future with courage and determination since 1924.

The spirit

Originally founded as a small repair workshop for welding equipment, the ideas and craftsmanship of Hans, a trained locksmith, soon gave rise to a wealth of practical products of his own.

With ingenuity and an understanding of the needs of the time, the autogenous hole-cutting machine was also created in 1928. Thanks to its clever design, the machine not only gained local recognition, but also quickly became internationally known. Interest was so great that the hole-cutting machine was patented and manufactured under license in various countries in the years that followed.

The story of Hans Greggersen continues to inspire us today and proves how the tireless commitment, talent and creativity of a single person can be the basis for so much more than just their own life.

The second generation

Karl-Heinz Greggersen had been helping out in his parents' business since he was a child.

His enthusiasm for the trade and his passion for technology were clearly noticeable. After completing his training as a precision mechanic, he returned to the company in 1949 to support his father from then on. In 1958, he and his wife Anni took over responsibility for Greggersen after the unexpected loss of his father.

The economic situation was challenging, the children had just been born and the Chamber of Crafts placed high demands on the young entrepreneurial family. But the couple had each other's backs, Karl-Heinz had good ideas, was ambitious and determined to carry on the family legacy. With success.

A family business

The spirit of the couple still characterizes our company today. Anni, a business-minded woman with an eye for figures and sales, worked hand in hand with Karl-Heinz, a great master precision mechanic with pioneering ideas and good contacts.

The business acumen and vision of this time were the source of brilliant developments that often looked far beyond current needs. Some of them are still used today in a large number of our products. In 1990, a heavy blow of fate heralded change in our company. Anni Greggersen passed away. A world was shattered for the Greggersen family, who are still missing today.

Karl-Heinz slowly withdrew from the company and handed over responsibility to his sons Thomas & Wolfgang.

The third generation

Since the 1990s and under the management of brothers Thomas and Wolfgang Greggersen, our company has grown continuously and experienced remarkable diversification.

With a strategic view of the global markets, we have succeeded in developing Greggersen into an internationally renowned brand.

Thomas and Wolfgang continue to lead the company today with a blend of tradition and contemporary vision. Greggersen's ability to adapt quickly to the ever-changing demands of the market has often helped us to set new standards in the industry.

Who we are

Since 2005, we have further increased our focus on quality and safety. Perfect haptics, ergonomic design and the use of recyclable materials are now fundamental features that can be found in all Greggersen products.

The introduction of a corporate product design marked a turning point for us. It was not just an aesthetic decision, but an expression of our fundamental corporate values.

This uniform design reflects the essence of quality, safety and innovation and offers our customers worldwide a consistent and high-quality experience.

The consistent implementation of this strategy today is testament to the innovation and commitment of Greggersen and its employees to make customer satisfaction not just a goal, but an obligation.

Our products have become not just objects, but symbols of the values on which we have proudly built our reputation.

The fourth generation

Constantin, Thomas Greggersen's eldest son, also followed the call of the family and joined the company as the fourth generation in 2012.

His specialist knowledge, which he brought with him as a trained master precision mechanic, is noticeably reflected in the influence he has had on product development ever since. Pursuing innovative approaches while ensuring the high quality of our products is once again a priority for this generation. Together with Thomas and Wolfgang, Constantin is actively working on shaping the future of our company.

The future

As we proudly look back on our 100-year history, we and our employees are determined to continue shaping the industry.

The future undoubtedly holds new challenges and opportunities, which Greggersen Gasetechnik GmbH is ready to meet. The 100th anniversary not only marks a significant milestone, but also the promise of an even more successful future.

Our family business remains true to its heritage and values and looks forward to the next 100 years.



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