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Greggersen Gasetechnik

Your premier manufacturer of medical gas supply and life-supporting systems

Since 1924, Greggersen has built a stellar reputation as an expert in handling critical and compressed gases.

For a century, we have been working tirelessly with a steadily growing team in the core areas

  • Medical technology 
  • Central Gas Supply Systems (CEGA Systems) 
  • welding technology

As a German manufacturer of technical gas systems and life-supporting systems, we insist on nothing but the highest quality. We offer our clients full-service solutions in our core areas of MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY, CEGA, and WELDING TECHNOLOGY, including expert consultation, planning, development, installation, maintenance, and service, all with the aim of preserving and protecting lives.

This commitment drives us to achieve excellence every day, providing both our employees and the Greggersen family with a sense of fulfillment that goes beyond the purely professional.

We exceed

with our expertise


Our terminal unit FORANO

For more than two decades, our FORANO terminal unit system has proven its reliability in thousands of hospitals, ambulances, and laboratories all around the world.

We continually invest in optimizing this vital system to ensure that it serves as one of the last lines of defense in preserving lives and delivering error-free patient care. We offer FORANO in a wide range of installation options, various gas types, and in compliance with international norms and standards. Equipped with our intelligent maintenance solution, CARTRIDGE, and offering maximum installation flexibility, you are choosing sustainability and absolute safety – 100% Made in Germany.

See for yourself the variety of the safest and most elegant gas terminal unit on the market.

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