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Pneumatically operated switching system

MC 2025P / HU 10

These entirely pneumatic switchover systems have been especially developed for smaller facilities. A pressure difference in the first pressure stage ensures that firstly one supply source is consumed and then the second source.

The pressure reducing valve are duplicated, such that the supply is safeguarded even during maintenance. Adherence with the recognised rules of engineering is just as important as the durable and dependable design of all individual parts.


    • Pneumatically controlled gas supply system
    • Pressure monitoring via pickups
    • 2-stage pressure reduction; 2nd stage duplicated
    • Protection of the system by means of a hood with viewing window


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    • switching system

      Technical data

      Dimensions:MC 2025P: 360 x 780 x 300 mm (WxHxD)
      HU 10: 330 x 480 x 300 mm (WxHxD)
      Inlet pressure max:20.000 kPa (200 bar)
      Outlet pressure:100–800 kPa (1-8 bar) (500 kPa (5 bar) standard)
      Outlet:copper pipe Ø 22 mm
      Throughput:HU 10: 10 m³/h | MC 2025P: 25 m³/h
      Weight:HU 10: 20 kg | MC 2025P: 25 kg
      Operating temperature:+10° bis +40° C


      Pneumatically operated switching system
      MC 2025P / HU 10

      HU 10, pneumatically controlled switchover system325.104
      MC 2025P, pneumatic, 2 cylinder batteries327.025
    • Operating signal

      Operating signals have to be provided in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7396–1. The operational alarm monitors the primary, secondary and reserve supply and indicates the “Empty message” on an optical display. The distribution network pressure is monitored (operational emergency alarm) at the same time.


      • Optical displays of the operational states in the supply centre
      • Forwarding via potential-free contacts to the building/central control system


      Technical data

      Supply voltage: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz


      Operating signal

      Operating signal for pneumatic systems (main warning)903.682


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